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30 Rock

This opportunity was the catalyst that changed my career. During my time at Varitalk, the agency where I completed this project, I was an audio post-production engineer. I produced recording sessions and edited audio files for personalized marketing campaigns that compiled messages like this one, in real time.

My previous design experience consisted of websites, posters and album art for musicians. Working at Varitalk alongside designers Sandra Franco and Linsey Rosen was my window into web design for advertising and marketing as a professional career. I was hooked after that.

I had the rare opportunity, at 20 years old, to be an integral part of advertising campaigns for brands like ADIDAS, Disney and Microsoft. It was at that time I changed my college major to graphic design with a subsequent focus on programming for web design.

There are hundreds of these audio campaigns that I completed but this one is my favorite. After fans visit a website and add information about themselves and a friend, a phone call is sent in the voice of Alec Baldwin. Another campaign for Snakes on a Plane, in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, made headlines and won several awards.

30 Rock
30 Rock